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Religious Studies (Y10-Y11)


Religious Studies challenges students with questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth, enabling them to develop their own attitudes towards religious issues.

Students will also gain an appreciation of how religion, philosophy and ethics form the basis of our culture and influences attitudes on a variety of topical issues.


Religious identities inspire individuals and communities as they take action in the world. Some actions are positive; providing help to those in need, or providing a sense of community to those who adhere to the religion. Other actions are negative; violence against rivals or intolerance for others. These actions, positive and negative, are rooted in how religious beliefs influence people to see the world, and how it influences them to act. Religious Studies allows us to see the similarities and differences between world views, and with our own. If we develop an understanding of these beliefs and practices we can come to understand how and why different religious groups see the world differently, how and why individuals and groups often act in the way that they do.

  Year 10 Year 11
Term 1 Sikhism: Practices

Religious attitudes to matters of life (use and care of the environment, and medical ethics)

Assessment Exam questions on Sikh practices, and religious attitudes to peace and conflict Trial exam – Christian beliefs, Sikh beliefs, religious attitudes to matters of life, and religious attitudes to human rights and social justice
Term 2

Religious attitudes to relationships and families

Christianity: Practices

Religious attitudes to relationships and families.

Revision for GCSE exams
Assessment Exam questions on religious attitudes to relationships and families, and Christian beliefs.  
Term 3 Christianity: Practices Revision for GCSE exams
Assessment Trial exams: Sikh beliefs, Christian practices, religious attitudes to crime and punishment, and religious attitudes to relationship and families.