MFL at KS4

AQA GCSE French, German, Spanish - September 2018

What will I do on these courses?

  • These courses build on your skills and knowledge from Y7 and Y8.  You will learn new language structures and vocabulary based on topic areas such as “Technology”, “Customs and festivals” “The environment” and “Holidays and travel”.
  • Lessons will be very similar in KS4 but at a higher level.  All four skills of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing tasks will be covered in the lessons and learning vocabulary and grammar regularly is a key part of success.
  • There will also be a greater focus on talking spontaneously, translations and literary texts (poems, songs, films etc.), which will also form part of the GCSE exams.

We use a variety of resources such as games, clips, songs, stories and other authentic material. 

There are 2 levels of entry: higher grades 4 - 9 and foundation grades 1 – 5. 
The course is assessed in the following way:

Reading Exam
End of Y11
Listening Exam
End of Y11
Writing Exam
End of Y11
Speaking Exam
End of Y11


What skills do I need?

  • A willingness to learn words and grammar thoroughly on a regular basis both in school and at home and also to participate actively in speaking activities
  • A willingness to work hard, have a “can do” attitude and have an interest in the culture as well as the Language
  • A willingness to take advantage of all opportunities offered e.g. extra speaking workshops with the Foreign Language Assistant or use of private study packs

Where do I find out more information?

  • Mrs Kelly
  • Mr Merritt for German
  • Ms Cruikshanks for French
  • Mr Church for Spanish

Any other essential information?

  • Languages are an essential, life-long skill, which are very valuable in the world of work. 
  • Studying a language will lead to more than a qualification – it will broaden your horizon, teach you valuable problem solving skills and it will extend your choices in your future career.
  • If you are currently studying two languages, we strongly recommend you to consider continuing with both at KS4 – the assessments and requirements are the same in all languages, so it will make it easier for you!
  • You will have the opportunity to go on a variety of trips such as exchanges or study trips and get involved in activities led by our Foreign Language Assistants (cooking, speaking, etc).

The Higher Level GCSE course leads to AS and then A level (to consider doing AS, you need to achieve at least a grade 6 at GCSE). A Level Languages are very sought-after qualifications.