MFL at KS3

KS3 builds on the foundation of Primary Language skills and we aim to offer a smooth transition in language skills and knowledge from Y6 to Y7. Students will be assessed in listening, reading, speaking and writing throughout the year, with each half term focusing on a different aspect, including translation and grammar. Students are also expected to learn vocabulary regularly.

In Y7 all students study one language from either German, French or Spanish. Classes are set according to KS2 data.

We cover a wide area of topics in modules:

German: My world, My School, An Active Life, Spies
French: At the Beginning, My Family, My Home
Spanish: My details, My School, Where I live

Students acquire new vocabulary and transferable language skills that they can build on in Y8.

In Y8 all students continue with their language and some will be allocated a second language depending on their attainment. Classes are mainly set and there is a clear focus on skills acquisitions to prepare for the GCSE course.

Topics covered by the Y8 Schemes of Work include:

German: My town, Where I live, Food and Drink, My Holidays
French: In town, Free time, Congo
Spanish: In town, Shopping and Fashion, Free time