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ICT at KS4

Depending on the students' options, they will be studying Eduqas Computer Science GCSE or OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia (ICT)

OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia (ICT)

You will acquire and develop skills in using a large range of software packages and techniques, including website design, animation, image manipulation.  You will also learn about the current techniques and processes involved in the Imedia industry.

The course will equip you with the technical knowledge, skills and understanding to use digital computer based applications competently either in the workplace, or in further education or training.  On completion you should be confident users of digital applications who are able to apply their skills purposefully and effectively in the production of their coursework.

Some of the work completed in Y9 will go forward as part of your coursework grade.  You will need to gain the highest grade possible in this work 





Percentage of final mark

Written Exam

1 Unit




3 additional units




Eduqas Computer Science GCSE

Do you want to work on future versions of GTA/COD or perhaps develop software such as Microsoft Office?  If so then this may well be the course for you.  Currently computer programmers are in high demand with a lack of skilled people to fill these positions.  A skilled programmer is a good career for the future.  The computer games industry in Sheffield is constantly growing as are jobs in manufacturing which require programming skills to operate state of the art robotics.

We will use Y9 as a skills building year.  You will get experience of programming using different types of software.  This will then lead onto Y10, where you will start the coursework/exam preparation for your GCSE.  The course will also involve looking at how computers actually work.  This course will offer an insight in to computing in much more depth and will not be focused on tasks in Microsoft Office.  Ever wondered how a computer chip actually works?

How will I be assessed?

Understanding Computer Science (62.5% Exam based)

Computational Thinking and Programming (37% online programing exam)