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Meadowhead School

Meadowhead SchoolAcademy Trust

ICT at KS3

Year 7

The following topics are taught:

“Computer Hardware" In this unit students will get to understand the basics of a computer and how they work.  They will look at both the hardware and software needed and how these work together.

“Introduction to HTML” In this unit the students will learn to create a basic website using HTML.

“DTP” The students will develop their publishing skills to create a leaflet on the school to inform new students of their experiences so far in Y7.

“Scratch” In this unit the students will get to create a basic PacMan game using Scratch.

“Spreadsheets” In this unit the students will develop their spreadsheets skills which will also help in other subject areas.

Year 8 ICT

“My Digital World” In this unit the students will look at other areas/issues with ICT including cyberbullying, risks of ICT and searching the web.

“Binary Bits and Bobs” The students will learn to understand Binary and Logic Gate.

“Introduction to Python” The students will learn to program in Python and create a basic code.

“Animation” The students will learn how to create a basic animation using DrawPlus.

“Back to the Future” The students will look at Computer Science through history and how computers have developed over time.