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Drama at KS3

Year 7

In Y7 students have one, hour long Drama lesson each week.  During the course of the year they will cover 5 Units of work.  Please open the document at the foot of the page for information about the KS3 Levels.

Unit 1: Physical Theatre
This Unit introduces students to drama in Y7.  It helps them to develop the confidence, group work skills and imagination necessary to develop in the subject. They gain knowledge and understanding of the performance technique physical theatre and learn how to recognise it in a performance.  Students also get to know their new form well by working in a variety of groups.  Performance skills they develop are physical theatre and narration.

Unit 2: Mime
In this Unit students will learn about mime and silent performance.  They will work in groups large and small developing their mime skills and creating original performances.  Students will carefully consider the importance of body language, facial expression, clarity and exaggeration in their mime work and will consider expressing emotion and representing objects through mime.

Unit 3: The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
In this Unit students study the play 'The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty', which tackles the issue of bullying in schools.  They follow the story of Stubbs’ gang and his victim, Terry Dumpton.  Students will read the play in class, focusing on a selection of scenes.  They will also devise original work based on the themes and characters of the play, explore characterisation, and create freeze frames. 

Unit 4: Alone in the Grange
This Unit is based on the poem 'Alone in the Grange' about an interesting looking house and the mysterious old man who lives there.  Students will learn how to use a poem as a stimulus for devising as they imaginatively create the life of the old man from the poem.  They will develop performance skills such as freeze frame, improvisation, story-telling and flash-back.

Unit Five: The Myth of Persephone
In this Unit students gain knowledge and understanding of the Greek Myth Persephone, whilst, developing and broadening their performance skills.  They will consider the different characters in the story and the purpose of the myth.  Much of the work in this unit is devised and pupils are introduced to a range of performance techniques including narration, physical theatre, sound effects, hot seating and improvisation.   They will also develop interpersonal skills by working in large groups.


 Drama Club

Year 8

In Y8 students have one, hour long Drama lesson each week.  During the course of the year they will cover 5 Units of work.  Please open the document at the foot of the page for information about the KS3 Levels.

Unit 1: The Identification
This Unit is based on the poem ‘The Identification’ by Roger McGough, about a boy, Stephen who is killed in an explosion.  Students will practically explore the poem and develop their own ideas about who Stephen is and why his father reacts as he does to the news of his son’s death.  Using the text and the themes raised in it students will devise and perform original pieces of drama and evaluate the work produced.

Unit 2: Melodrama
In this Unit students will gain knowledge and understanding of melodrama as a theatrical form, including: the exaggerated performance style, stock characters, the melodramatic plot, and melodrama in its historical context. Performance skills students will develop include, mime, direct address to audience, and exaggerated physicality and vocal delivery of a role.  Students will learn about the genre and be encouraged to make, perform and respond to practical work based on the theme of melodrama.

Unit 3: Fault
In this unit, students study the play ‘Fault’, which looks at the issues of blame, guilt, peer pressure and friendship.  Students follow the story of Maz and Cal, two students in a school who have been involved in an incident where another student has been seriously injured. Original work is created and drama techniques such as hot-seating, freeze-frames and thought-tracking are used. The script is performed as part of the assessment.

Unit 4: Haunted House
In this unit, students will devise original work around the theme of a haunted school. Students will continue to develop effective use of the drama techniques hot-seating, freeze-frames and thought-tracking. Students will have the opportunity to play a wide variety of roles and gain even more performance confidence.

Unit 5: An Introduction to Shakespeare
In this unit, students will be introduced to the work of one of the most influential and famous dramatists, William Shakespeare. Students will look at extracts from several of his plays, exploring language, character and plot. Using improvisation and devising skills, students will create original performances.