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Meadowhead School

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Courses & Levels

YEAR 1 (Beginners)

A 20 week course ideally suited to adults with no prior knowledge of the language. By the end of this course you should be able to hold a basic conversation in the target language and be able to read and understand basic written text as well as communicate in the present, with some knowledge of the past and future tenses.


This course is Ideally suited to adults who have completed our 20 week Beginners course and wish to continue to develop their language skills further OR those who have some basic knowledge of the language already, and want to develop their skills further.


Ideally suited to adults who have already completed our Intermediate course and wish to continue to develop their language skills even further.


Ideally suited to those who have either a minimum of 3 years language tuition with Meadowhead and/or completed OR to those who have learned a language in the past and wish to revise this and progress further with a focus on their conversation skills.

SMALLER GROUPS  to enable intensive conversation practice with tutor.

Holiday Tasters! (Summer term only)

A fun 6 week taster session to help you learn basic phrases to get you by on your holidays abroad. 

We recommend that you purchase the relevant course book to be used by the tutor at the start of your course, but there is no need to have this by week 1 - in case of any changes made by tutors. Your tutor will provide resources for week 1, and confirm which book/s you need to purchase for the rest of the course.

Please consult with the tutor before you buy books.