Complaints Procedure

Meadowhead School is committed to working in close partnership with all members of the school community.  We place great value on the role which parents and carers can play in supporting children's learning.  Staff and Governors actively encourage a positive relationship between the school and the families of children who attend the school.

If, at any time, a member of the school community has a concern about an aspect of life at the school, the concern will be dealt with by the school as quickly, sympathetically and effectively as possible.  It is hoped that most concerns will be settled amicably at this stage.

However, if there is a continuing concern, this can be directed through the formal stages as outlined in the school's complaints procedure.

Procedure for Dealing with Complaints

It is in everyone's interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage.  The school operates a four-stage complaints procedure.  If the complaint concerns the conduct of the Headteacher, it will be dealt with in accordance with Stage 3 and directed to the Chair of Governors.

Stage 1: Initial Concern or Complaint

In the first instance, it is hoped that the complainant will be able to discuss the issue with the member of staff concerned. 

Stage 2: Complaint heard by the Headteacher 

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the way the complaint was handled at Stage 1 and wish to pursue their initial complaint they should submit the complaint in writing to the Headteacher within ten school days of Stage 1 being concluded.

Stage 3: Complaint heard by the Chair of Governors 

If the complaint cannot be resolved at Stage 2, the complainant may take their complaint to the Chair of Governors.

Stage 4: Complaint heard by the Governing Body Complaints Appeal Panel

The complainant needs to write to the Chair of Governors within ten school days of the date of the letter notifying them of the outcome of Stage 3, notifying that they wish their complaint to be heard by the Complaints Appeal Panel.  The Chair of Governors, or a nominated Governor, will convene a Governing Body Complaints Appeal Panel.

Please click on the document below for the full Complaints Policy.

  1. Complaints Policy and Procedures 2017