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  • Wildlife Forensics

    Published on Thursday 20th June 2019

    This Summer term year 8s have donned their CSI overalls to investigate a number of murders! The prime suspects were owls of the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. Their victims: shrews, voles, rats, mice and insects. The year 8s received evidence hidden inside owl pellets (the undigested remains of the prey). Students expertly dissected these pellets to remove bones and used biological guides to identify the unlucky victims.

  • Big Bang Science Fair 2018

    Published on Thursday 20th June 2019

    On Friday 7th December, our ERASMUS STEAM ambassador team hosted the science fair in our Rosling atrium, demonstrating exciting physics experiments and creating much interest, particularly from the Y7 students, who got to try many of these for themselves.

  • Big Bang at Meadowhead Science Fair

    Published on Thursday 9th November 2017

    On Tuesday 24th October 2017, Meadowhead School hosted the Big Bang Science Fair. For one day only, the school’s Rosling atrium was transformed into a market of Science stalls each run by a group of Year 8 young-scientists.

  • Y12s visit Fosters Bakery

    Published on Thursday 20th July 2017

    The Y12 BTEC Applied Science students had a brilliant morning at the bakery in Barnsley learning all about the use of enzymes in the bread making process and had a tour of the entire production department from the raw ingredients to final packaging.

  • Forensic Science Day

    Published on Monday 10th July 2017

    Sixteen Y7 students took part in a Forensic Science Workshop, together with Y6 pupils from Lower Meadow Primary School and Y9 Science Ambassadors. The workshop provided an exciting day to show what forensic science is like and to enable the students to have a lot of fun by way of role-play and thought-provoking activities. 

  • Dr Helen Sharman visits for Space Week

    Published on Thursday 11th May 2017

    On Friday 5th May, we were absolutely delighted to welcome Dr Helen Sharman, one of our former students and the first Briton in space. Helen spoke to our Y7 and Y8 students about her experience of being in space as a research cosmonaut including the plant experiments she did, coping with weightlessness and the effect on the human body.

  • Science Week 2017

    Published on Tuesday 21st March 2017

    Throughout the week (13th -17th March) we have had after-school science talks for students and parents on a range of topics. We began with 'How Cold is Cold?' and a fascinating liquid nitrogen demonstration. We were shown what happens to daffodils, balloons and rubber tubing when dipped in the liquid nitrogen. 

  • Top of the Bench Chemistry Quiz

    Published on Thursday 8th December 2016

    Aiden (Y9), Eve (Y9), Melissa (Y10) and Euan (Y11) represented the school at this annual Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Top of the Bench’ quiz, held on Thursday 1st December at King Edward Vll Upper School.

    Click the picture to read what Aiden had this to say about the evening.....

  • British Science Week 14th - 18th March 2016

    Published on Monday 22nd February 2016

    To celebrate this week, we had  5 exciting talks after school for our students, with top guest speakers!

  • Top of the Bench Chemistry Quiz

    Published on Tuesday 8th December 2015

    On the 26th November Mr O’Brien took a group of students to the Top of the Bench Chemistry inter schools competition at King Edward VII Upper School.

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