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Meadowhead School enjoys a well-deserved reputation for providing an excellent education for young people within a caring and supportive framework. Our students are recognised for their courtesy and good behaviour towards each other. This is a school where all are encouraged to be confident and to make a contribution but to respect and be tolerant of others at all times.

Our curriculum is designed to support all children at all levels, to achieve to their best potential and we are developing innovative ways to ensure children benefit from a personalised learning experience.

I hope you will find our website helpful and informative.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school directly with any queries.                      Steve Fowler, Headteacher 

  • It's a Numbers Game!

    Y7 students were introduced to the fun and fascinating practical applications of Maths within BAE Systems, the RAF and the Royal Navy as well as in a card trick!
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  • It's Time to Talk!

    During an extended registration on 1st February students and staff had the opportunity to talk about Mental Health and Well-being with a range of activities that...
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  • Bikeability Cycle Training

    We are pleased to be able to offer this at Meadowhead School on Monday 19th February (first day of half term holiday), giving students the skills to cycle safely....
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  • A reminder

    Please can we remind parents and students that school opens for students at 8.00am.  They will not be allowed into school before then .....
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  • Time To Talk Day 2018

    On Thursday 1st February, we will be participating in this National event which encourages everyone to talk about mental health, taking the stigma out of something that...
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