ADT Exhibition 2015

On Tuesday 19th May 2015 we held our annual Art, Design and Technology Exhibition. Our Year 11 students have completed GCSE courses in General Art & Design, Art & Design 3D, Art Textiles, DT Resistant Materials, DT Product Design and Catering. This event is their opportunity to show their creative work to their families and to the public. The collection of work on show demonstrates an incredible range of talent, skill  and imagination.

If you weren't able to attend the exhibition, then please click the slideshows below to see a comprehensive selection of the work on show. Each one can be expanded to view full screen by clicking the arrows  click to expand logoon the bottom right of each slideshow:

Art GCSE Exhibition 2015 part 1

Art GCSE Exhibition 2015 part 2

Textiles GCSE Exhibition 2015

Design Technology GCSE Exhibition 2015

Ceramics GCSE Exhibition 2015